Washington State Legislators Fight Against Trump Proof Seattle Campaign

Washington State Legislators Fight Against Trump Proof Seattle Campaign

The Transit Riders Union and the Economic Opportunity Institute are launching a campaign in Seattle, as they dub the attempt, Trump Proof Seattle, by creating a city income tax on households making more than $250,000 during 12 months. The coalition estimates the new tax might cost more than $100 million a year and could protect the town if Trump decides to withdraw funding from Seattle.

Trump Proof Seattle outlines their plan to use the tax as a check case to challenge court precedents that defined profits as a kind of assets. Washington’s State Constitution bans modern property taxes. As the coalition wrote in their campaign summary, the nowadays expectancy is that progressive court will rule in our favor.


Conservatives in Washington worry that if Seattle is successful, they’ll use this local Trump proof profits tax as a gateway to the creation of a statewide profits tax. The same happened after Seattle decided to increase its minimal wage to $15 per hour. Just 12 months later, Initiative 1433 passed in Washington. This initiative improved the state minimum wage from $9.47 to $13.50 by the end of 2020. The initiative garnered a part of its help from King County, while not a single county on the eastern side of the state voted to approve the initiative.

The looming possibility of a statewide profits tax need to inspire Washington legislators to approve legislation that could preempt the Trump Proof Seattle movement. Seattle’s preemption can prevent local lawmakers from developing a patchwork of rules that drives organizations from the state. However, Washington lawmakers have started fighting against unpopular innovative income taxes. Rep. Matt Manweller brought house Joint resolution 4207 in February, a bill, which would permit electorate to decide whether to amend the constitution to particularly ban state and local income taxes.

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By persuading the State Supreme Court to modify the definition of the word property, some judges could permit the Seattle legislature to bypass the desire of the people. So, Lawmakers should send SJR 8204 or HJR 4207 to the citizens so the people can make ban on an profits tax crystal clear and protect it from being overturned by a unexpected court ruling, as John Mercier writes in the Spokesman-overview. The Trump Proof Seattle hopes to overturn a legal precedent that bans income taxes in. However, it looks like this proposition in Washington is just unwanted and excessive nowadays.

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