The Launch of Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

The Launch of Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

In a world first, OZcoinGold 100% backs its subsequent-generation cryptocurrency with 100,000 oz. of 24-karat gold. Now 100,000 oz. of gold is valued in excess of $123 million. OZcoinGold, advertised by a technology organization based in the United States in association with an Australian publicly listed and controlled goldmine launched the first cryptocurrency in the world backed by 24-karat gold. Ira Carlin, marketing and advertising executive, and previously a senior executive with forty years at McCann-Erickson and universal McCann, has been named president. Ira believes that OZcoinGold is a game changer within the finance marketplace.

Company President, Ira Carlin, stated:

“Traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin experience huge marketplace volatility and different technology, funding and business dangers. OZcoinGold is our response to those dangers.”

Launching on March 10 on the South by Southwest conference and festivals in Austin, Texas, OZcoinGold expects its limited-problem next-gen cryptocurrency, backed by 100,000 oz. of gold, to reshape economic markets and cryptocurrency models alike.

Company President, Ira Carlin, said:

“OZcoinGold offers the safety of a commodity including gold and the growing funding return capability of forces like marketplace premium. For example Bitcoin has no asset backing and is buying and selling more than the price of gold. Therefore, value of Bitcoin is absolutely marketplace premium. The constant quantity of OZcoinGold units prevents the manufacturing of more OZcoinGold cash. Which means that not like fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, OZcoinGold can’t be devalued by the manufacturing of more coins.”


Created on third generation of bockchain technology using Ethereum blockchain, the most secure and most advanced cloud-based blockchain, OZcoinGold is at the leading edge of financial and funding protection.

Chief technology officer, Johannes Breytenbach, mentioned:

“With the addition of advanced non-public security functions constructed into OZcoinGold wallet, people have more control over their OZcoinGold cash than another cryptocurrency in the world.”

Created that a hundred OZcoinGold coins are identical to at least one ounce of 24-karat gold, OZcoinGold secures an initial minimum price equal to the modern price of gold. In keeping with founder and chief technology officer Johannes Breytenbach, OZcoinGold offers a specific possibility to traders. By making an investment in gold through OZcoinGold there is no Bid-Ask variation and different gold buy related expenses, and for long term, traders there are no storage expenses on your gold bullion. However, every one hundred OZcoinGold coins are sponsored by 1/3 of an oz. of gold bullion saved in Australia’s Perth mint and 2/3 of an oz. of secured gold reserves. The verification of the gold certificates and safety ensures are uploaded to the blockchain and audited every ninety days. OZcoinGold permits customers to trade OZcoinGold on the open marketplace and exchanges, like different cryptocurrencies, or to maintain onto their funding even as looking for capital profits on each the growth in gold value and the marketplace premium driving factors.

Chief technology officer, Johannes Breytenbach, noted:

“All of Bitcoin’s value is driven by marketplace premium. OZcoinGold advantages from each marketplace premium and gold value increases.”


The President of the organization, Ira Carlin, explained:

“A further advantage of OZcoinGold is its post March 1st, 2022 potential for instant conversion into 24 karat gold. The Australian publicly listed and controlled goldmine furnished protection over 100,000 ounces of its confirmed reserves to OZcoinGold. With 1/3 of the gold already being saved in the Perth mint, the safety settlement guarantees the delivery of the last 2/3 of gold to the Perth mint in tranches over the following five years. After March 1 2022, all 100,000 ounces of 24-karat gold bullion could be available through certificates from Perth mint. So, if they desire, OZcoinGold proprietors may also redeem their Perth mint gold certificate and present them to gold bullion sellers world-wide for his or her 24-karat gold.”

OZcoinGold additionally offers its customers whole privateness. This means coin distribution and transactions on the blockchain are anonymous. In contrast to traditional banking, accounts can never be frozen by outside third parties like banks or authorities entities trying to exact economic retribution. Most of the charges related to conventional payment techniques, which includes banking fees, currency conversion fees, and global transaction fees are eliminated. OZcoinGold, in contrast to most cryptocurrencies, can be bought immediately from the internet site through the OZcoinGold wallet as well as from select cryptocurrency exchanges.

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