The Largest Bitcoin Exchanges in South Korea Ready for Strict Regulations

The Largest Bitcoin Exchanges in South Korea Ready for Strict Regulations

South Korea’s biggest Bitcoin and digital currency exchanges Bithumb, Coinone, and Korbit are prepared for the imposition of strict regulatory frameworks by the local authorities. On December 13, the South Korean authorities found out the information of the emergency digital currency assembly it had hung on December 12. South Korean economic authorities noted that within the coming week’s underage traders and foreigners will not be allowed to put money into Bitcoin and different digital currencies within the marketplace.

By subsequent week the South Korean authorities is anticipated to roll out some regulatory frameworks targeted on investor safety and taxation. One of the regulations presently being mentioned is the opportunity of equally dispensing the everyday buying and selling volumes of digital currency exchanges throughout the marketplace and enforcing stricter know your client and anti-money laundering regulations.

Bithumb, South Korea’s biggest digital currency exchange with a bigger every day buying and selling quantity than the South Korea’s main stock exchange KOSDAQ, mentioned that it welcomes regulations from the South Korean authorities, as it’d similarly legitimize, stabilize, and validate the South Korean digital currency exchange marketplace.

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Bithumb said:

”A great set of regulations will nurture the digital currency marketplace, and we’d welcome that.”

For some years the South Korean authorities was hesitant towards regulating the local digital currency marketplace and business, because it believed that any form of law would lead general consumers to consider it as an endorsement and validation of the space. All in all, the South Korean authorities has admitted that the marketplace has become far too huge for it to dismiss and has found out its plans to comply with the policies of other leading markets such as Japan and the united states within the long-term.

A spokesperson stated:

“The South Korean authorities has no different choice but to comply with the regulatory frameworks and trends set up by different governments. Even as there really exists a bad reputation attached to digital currencies, the authorities’ stance is to allow what needs to be allowed, for the benefit of the South Korean marketplace.”

The South Korean authorities and the country’s central bank are concerned over two main tendencies within the local marketplace, underage traders conducting digital currency buying and selling and the emergence of multi-million dollar Ponzi schemes. Remaining week, everybody within the traditional finance area in South Korea is dashing to put money into Bitcoin and different digital currencies. Tens of thousands of center to high school students and college students are stated to be buying and selling digital currencies on a daily foundation, often developing trades, orders and checking the price trend of the marketplace during lessons.


The South Korean authorities and its top minister Lee Nak-Yeon expressed their worries over such tendencies and ultimately enforced a ban on trading for underage traders. Another problem with the South Korean marketplace is the growing size of Ponzi schemes. Remaining month, a two hundred million dollars digital currency-associated Ponzi scheme was determined. Its operators coaxed traders with a hefty monthly return and stole the finances of the traders.

Because of the lack of regulations and rules in South Korea, the South Korea of the local digital currency marketplace stays premature. The goal of the South Korean authorities is to guide capability traders into the strictly regulated digital currency exchange marketplace, instead of unregulated over the counter markets that are prone and at risk of Ponzi schemes.

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