The Blush Family’s Bitcoin American Bus Journey

The Blush Family’s Bitcoin American Bus Journey

John Bush, his wife Catherine, their 2 children and their 2 dogs have traveled across the United States and tried to educate and inform people about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This family wanted to check the ranges of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as well by travelling in their Bitcoin Bus, and making payments only via cryptocurrency along their journey.

The Blush family was focused only on bitcoin, ethereum and dash cryptocyrrency. Durig their amazing journey they tried to teach people about the Bitcoin technology, the importance of peer-to-peer technologies and decentralized social organization. They wanted to show that it is quite easy to make payments only by cryptocurrencies.

Blush Family

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world and it is has the huge grows over the last several years. Therefore, this Blush family’s journey shows that everyone can pay for their everyday needs using only Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. But of course, there can be several problems along the journey because nowadays it is not so easy to travel with no other currencies and using only cryptocurrencies for payments. And the Blush family had some problems during their travel.

Blush family said:

“We were standing in Whole Foods in Sedona with hot breakfast buffet meals in-hand and the Airbitz server was apparently down, and both gift and egifter were down. In addition to all three of those gift card services being down, our WageCan card also failed to load our bitcoin that we had sent the day before.”

Fortunately, the family had a PayPal card that they were able to use for purchasing bitcoin, which allowed them to make the gray hack to buy some bitcoins.

The Blush noted:

“In comparison with our first journey this one has been very smooth, a true testament to the exponential growth the bitcoin ecosystem is feeling.”

United States

Despite the fact that the United States is considered as one of the most bitcoin-friendly country in the world with about 396 bitcoin ATMs there are several states that make the usage of bitcoin or another cryptocurrecncy quite difficult. The Blush said that West Texas was a scarce area for Bitcoin usage while New Mexico was barren only in the small cities.

The family mentioned:

“Thankfully, we have our WageCan card and we are in a converted school bus so we can cook meals just on the road.”

The family was planning to visit several states from Austin to Forest Lakes and participate in the crypto-friendly event, Jackalope Freedom Festival. From there they were visiting bitcoin communities in Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Denver, and San Diego.

However, this is not the first Bitcoin-only journey of the Blush Family. They noted that it is their fourth travel. The belive that such journeys could help that to test the bitcoin ecosystem. Even in late 2014 Ruben Alexander, the editor of Bitcoin Magazine, asked them to make a journey across United States using only Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency for payments.


They Blush Family:

“It was a great experience that introduced us to better technologies like Airbitz directory vs. and better companies like CheapAir vs. Expedia. There were some hard times when the technology failed, but we were able to help multiple companies improve their bitcoin experience for the customer.”

With three trips across United States using only bitcoin for payments over 2014 and 2015, the Blush family managed to travel more than 14,000 miles in their bitcoin bus over visiting 26 states with only a few mistakes on their first trip.

However, this time, the Blush family decided to make a fully propagandistic lifestyle out of it and they are trying to visit all 50 states on their Bitcoin Bus.


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