Stripe Will End Support for Bitcoin

Stripe Will End Support for Bitcoin

On Thursday popular payment processor, Stripe introduced that it’ll stop assist for bitcoin as a payment method in April. Product supervisor, Tom Karlo, wrote that Stripe would transition away from bitcoin over the following 3 months, completely finishing support for the biggest digital currency on April 23.

Stripe first enabled bitcoin transactions in 2015, a move that came a 12 months after first checking out the technology. These days, citizens from more than sixty nations could pay traders on Stripe’s network using bitcoin. All in all, lengthy transaction instances, an growing transaction failure rate, and growing expenses suggest bitcoin is becoming much less famous amongst Stripe’s traders and customers.


Tom Karlo stated:

“Due to this, we’ve seen the choice from our clients to just accept Bitcoin decrease. Moreover, of the organizations, which are accepting Bitcoin on Stripe, we’ve seen their sales from Bitcoin decline considerably. Empirically, there are fewer and less use instances for which accepting or paying with Bitcoin makes sense.”

However, Stripe will not accept bitcoin payments, Stripe stays very positive about digital currencies overall, as Tom Karlo stated, adding that he believes assist for different digital currencies can be implemented at a future date.

The difficult fees were similarly mentioned by gaming Services Company Steam, which introduced in early December that it’d prevent providing assist for bitcoin payments. At the time, a consultant for the organization stated that the increased expenses motive even more issues while the value of bitcoin itself drops dramatically.


Within the Stripe post, Tom Karlo left the door open to enabling payments in different digital currencies, specifically stellar lumens, the currency of the Stellar network.

Tom Karlo wrote:

“We can add assist for Stellar to which we supplied seed investment if considerable use keeps increasing.”

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