S7 Airline Uses Ethereum Blockchain for Flight Tickets

S7 Airline Uses Ethereum Blockchain for Flight Tickets

A Russian airline has introduced that it is to apply the ethereum blockchain to promote flight tickets with backing from the Russia’s biggest non-public commercial bank. Get special analysis of bitcoin and examine from our buying and selling tutorials.

Russian airline PJSC Siberia airlines, called S7, and Alfa-bank started the venture of promoting airline tickets on the blockchain on Monday. In line with the financial institution, one of the key benefits of using the blockchain technology was the method of quicker payments. Remaining December, it was mentioned that S7 had finished the primary of its kind service payment using the ethereum blockchain smart contracts via a letter of credit with Alfa-bank.


The statement of this venture between S7 and Alfa-bank comes after Russia’s biggest airline, Aeroflot, discovered that it had posted a suggestion for the introduction of digital currencies and technology associated with it into its operations.

Particularly, the airline is thinking about the opportunity of the usage of cryptocurrencies for flight ticket payments. It’ll look at the needs for the currency as a shape of payment similarly to the risks related to the adoption of them on a bigger scale. The completion of the initiatives is anticipated by tenth of December.

Even as Russia appears to be searching at the blockchain with favor within the past ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin is stated to have met Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is nevertheless considering its stance toward bitcoin. In June, it was mentioned that the head of the central bank of Russia had said that bitcoin was not to be taken into consideration as a currency, but that there were plans towards regulating it as a digital asset.


Elvira Nabiullina, the governor of the central bank of Russia, stated that the authority was studying the opportunity of regulating the digital currency. However, earlier than regulation could take place more studies into the understanding of it’d first need to be done. Additionally, Nabiullina noted that there were doubts as to the advantages that bitcoin could bring to the economic system.

Elvira Nabiullina stated:

“We don’t consider that bitcoin may be taken into consideration as a digital currency. It’s more digital assets with the regulation of assets.”

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