Russia Moving to Accept Bitcoin Donations

Russia Moving to Accept Bitcoin Donations

Some Russian political parties is moving to accept bitcoin donations. The Party of Growth, which was created in 2009, is trying to start receiving donations in the cryptocurrency and bitcoin as well. This gives the Russian government’s sophisticated and long-term position about cryptocurrencies as bitcoin.

This news comes from the reports from Interfax and TASS, which include some comments from Boris Titov, the top of the Party of Growth and an advisor to Russian President on business and entrepreneurial problems.

Boris Titov told about the necessity to find some new funding methods for the party like crowdfunding. Moreover, he said that the party would take just bitcoin donations from individuals with verified identities.

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Speaking about donation, the party plans to use it as a way to stimulate bitcoin and other digital carrencies adoptation in Russia. The party also plans to make legislation that will hekp to adopt such technologies as blockchain in the country.

Titov said:

“Russia will take advantage of this difficult situation that has appear nowadays to become a very profitable country.”

Soon there will be parliamentary elections in Russia, during which the Party are planing to gain a foothold in the national legislature. Today the party have no seats in the Duma. So, it needs just 2 of them in Russia’s regional legislatures to promote the adaptation of cryptocurrencies as bitcoin.

Some years ago, Russia wanted to forbid the production and use of money surrogates, which include bitcoin and another cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, several fiscal firms and even Russia’s central bank, tries to investigate bockchain technology and its applications in Russia.

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