Putin Mandates New Regulations for Digital Currencies and ICOs

Putin Mandates New Regulations for Digital Currencies and ICOs

Russian President Vladimir Putin has mandated new rules around digital currencies, such as registration necessities for miners and the software of securities legal guidelines to initial coin offerings. The Kremlin published 5 orders from Vladimir Putin over the weekend, representing possibly the most direct move thus far by the Russian authorities to supervise activities across the blockchain technology. Not just do the orders from Vladimir Putin mandate new legal systems around digital currency in Russia, they ambitiously set up a plan to apply the technology to create a single payment area within the Eurasian economic Union, which features Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia as participants.

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Considerably, Russia intends to use regulations for initial public offerings to the initial coin offering use case, via which cryptographic tokens are sold to bootstrap a new blockchain network. Vladimir Putin additionally ordered that the authorities, beneath top Minister Dmitry Medvedev, develop a system for digital currency miners to register and pay taxes on their profits. One of the decrees appears to throw its weight via current efforts in the State Duma, Russia’s countrywide legislature, in addition to the central bank to create regulation that regulates digital currency activities.

It stated:

“The authorities of the Russian Federation, along with the bank of Russia, shall make sure that modifications are made to the regulation of the Russian Federation offering for the determination of the reputation of digital technologies used within the economic sphere and their ideas based on the responsibility of the ruble as the only legal tender within the Russian Federation.”


The Russian authorities additionally desires to throw its weight at the back of efforts by startups to create new economic offerings across the technology. One of the decrees mandates the development of known as regulatory sandbox, or a framework in which organizations can check merchandise in restricted settings. A few nations, such as the United Kingdom, have set up finance-orientated sandboxes, which have attracted a number of blockchain-centered organizations thus far.

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