PowerBTC.trade – easiest way to sell your bitcoins for the highest price

PowerBTC.trade – easiest way to sell your bitcoins for the highest price

PowerBTC.trade – easiest way to sell your bitcoins for the highest price

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Now you can make more profit selling bitcoins with new awesome service PowerBTC.trade ! This guys offers to you awesome ability to sell bitcoins almost instantly and they are ready to pay a significantly higher price than the official exchange rate of the day.

Also this platform charges no transaction fees, making the market-beating offer even more attractive for all bitcoin traders and cryptocurrency followers!

PowerBTC.trade can guarantee this higher payment as they have established relationships with bulk bitcoin buyers over the world, and need volume to feed their clients (bitcoin buyers) hunger for the digital currency, especially bitcoin. They want to make the selling process of bitcoin as simple as possible, without any long registration and verification process, without storing any personal information about their customers. Funds are really delivered direct within 24-48 hours of purchase using Paypal, Western Union, or bank transfer, and also it is promised of complete privacy and anonymity for seller. Selling Bitcoin for Paypal become so easy with this guys!

CEO of PowerBTC.trade ,Tom Clark, told us “We are believing we are the best buyers for your bitcoin assets, whether you’re a dedicated miner or a savvy trader. Not only do we offer better-than-market rates, but we deliver your funds in US Dollars direct with no strings attached, no need for registration, and a guarantee of complete privacy”.

Nowadays, Bitcoin is awesome technology which is spreading over the world very fast! Bitcoin has long been the most high-profile crypto currency, but its technological origins have often made it appear inaccessible to the mainstream investor. Talk of mining and exchanges can be off-putting, but PowerBTC.trade aim to simplify the whole process of realizing bitcoin value by offering a no-frills, so it seems like this guys are the most easiest and fastest way to turn your bitcoin in to the money. The service is not limited to new entrants to the blockchain arena, however, as the ease of converting a digital wallet into conventional currency at market-beating rates will appeal to even the most hardcore of bitcoin miners.


Company name: PowerBTC LLC.
Company site: http://powerbtc.trade
Company contacts:
1340 Avenue Of The Americas
New York, NY 10019, USA
Phone:+1 (917) 979-2728
Fax: +1 (917) 979-2728
Email: info@powerbtc.trade

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