Rusland kon doorgaan Digital monetaire wet dit jaar

Rusland kon doorgaan Digital monetaire wet dit jaar

An official for Russian national legislature believes that new legal guidelines regulating the exchange and trading platforms of digital currencies can be complete by the end of the autumn. Anatoly Aksakov, who leads the State Duma’s economic markets committee, mentioned that subsequent steps involve the formation of a dedicated working organization to cope with the problem. Echter, he stated that he would be meeting with officials from Russian central bank and the Ministry of Finance within the coming days.


Echter, Russian officials have been operating on some type of regulation associated with the tech technology from as early as 2014, lawmakers could complete work on a legislative passage over the subsequent numerous months, as Anatoly Aksakov mentioned.

Anatoly Aksakov said:

If we agree on the principle approaches in the coming week, I suppose that by autumn, by the end of the autumn session, we will be able to adopt this regulation to be able to offer a legal area for the improvement of this marketplace.

Anatoly Aksakov

The feedback come amid a flurry of information out of Russia at the digital currency front. The Russia’s deputy finance minister, bijvoorbeeld, stated during this week that he thinks bitcoin buying and selling need to be limited to qualified investors. The chief internet-marketing consultant to President Vladimir Putin unveiled the formation of a new blockchain and digital currency advocacy group during this week.

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