Kim Dotcom Working on Cloud Storage en Bitcoin

Kim Dotcom Working on Cloud Storage en Bitcoin

Nearly a month past, former Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom declared that he was working on a different version of the cloud storage and hosting service with increased security and privacy options.

In de afgelopen paar dagen, Dotcom has taken to Twitter to drip feed numerous nuggets of data regarding his future service. The first came on Tuesday once he told that he could not wait to launch groundbreaking innovations that may take Bitcoin mainstream. Na zich te concentreren op zijn gebruikelijke reeks van politieke tweets, Dotcom stepped on the Megaupload gas, onderstreept haar links naar Bitcoin.

It currently has a launch date of January 20, 2017. It will additionally supply a white-label possibility, which suggests that you just will use the hosting service with your own name at no cost. Bovendien, it will additionally fetch remotely hosted files that you just link to, and transfer them to your account. Dotcom noted that it will offer increased anonymity and can be “a nightmare for those who need to mass surveil & censor."


The suggestion that there will be currency-changing hands for individuals sharing files using Megaupload 2.0 is definitely an intriguing one. Dotcom previously aforesaid the site can launch with Megaupload 1.0’s user information, which may quantity to a hundred million users. That is plenty of users, plenty of files, and probably various cash. Daarnaast, he said that Megaupload file transfers are going to be linked to Bitcoin micro transactions, which appears to point that users who transfer files that are frequently download would earn some cryptocurrency for his or her efforts.

Dotcom additionally mentioned one thing known as Bitcache, which could be a Bitcoin wallet tied to your Megaupload account. It is very intersting how this can work, but Dotcom said that the ‘cache’ in Bitcache refers to an answer to Bitcoin’s existing blockchain limitations. The term Bitcache also raises queries. A project of constant name already exists but Dotcom seems to havesomething else in mind.

Hij zei:

“Nobody can upload to the other cloud once Megaupload’s Bitcache goes live. a hundred million Bitcache wallets.”

Voor nu, Dotcom does not appear inquisitive about revealing solid info about Bitcache. Echter, in response to a user who asked whether Dotcom had thought of Bitcoin’s block size problems, the German suggested that bitcache would solve the problem.


That is a lot to look forward to, and it will actually be interesting to check if Dotcom will create it all happen next year. He predicts that his new ventures can cause the worth of Bitcoin to surge to $2,000 in 2017, up from this rate of exchange of about $579.

Additionally of interest is new information, which suggests that developers are ready to build their open projects using the cloud-storage options of Dotcom’s new platform. The launch date for Megaupload 2.0 may be a very little over 5 months away thus Dotcom and those collaborating with him definitely have their work cut out if they are to deliver as promised. That being said, if they will pull this rabbit out of the hat it might be the shot in the arm the file-sharing world has been looking for.

Kim Dotcom gesloten:

“Megaupload 2.0 takes decentralization, anonymity & encryption to following level. A nightmare for people whowish to mass surveil & censor."

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