Mr. Robot Shows the Horrible Future of Bitcoin

Mr. Robot Shows the Horrible Future of Bitcoin

For most of its 2 seasons, “Mr. Robot” has rotated around a plot to hack and destroy the world conglomerate E corporation. In last night’s episode, though, the plot flipped into a fight over currencies, power, and a battle between bitcoin and a government-controlled various.

The theme was unreal up by Phillip value, the malignant E business firm. CEO, to show his company’s cryptocurrency, eCoin, into the equivalent of the U.S. dollar, as the way to fight bitcoin. What’s completely nice concerning this is that it plays on not one, but 2 dystopian fears like the fears among corporatists and brass that bitcoin goes to require over the globe, and the concern among bitcoiners that their beloved cryptocurrency are perverted into a tool of the terribly establishments they wanted to disintermediate within the initial place.

Mr. Robot,

If you’re not accustomed to bitcoin it’s a digital currency, maintained by a software program that’s run on a decentralized network of computers by the questionable miners. Nobody person or entity controls the currency. Each dealings is recorded in public seeable ledger, though user accounts are encrypted. It had been planned as a digital equivalent of money and another to the prevailing currency or banking industry.

Price pushing eCoin to a government official named Jack. He said:

“Hard money is weakening apace. And bitcoin is spreading, and if bitcoin takes over we are dead a world of hell.”

The concept of bitcoin taking on the globe is extremely 2013. These days, the bitcoin community is neck deep in an indoor discussion over what it even ought to be. Public adoption has considerably delayed. The dealings volume most value mentions may be a downside, not an ending. However, the concept is mostly correct. If a system like bitcoin were to become a dominant money rail, it might represent a significant threat to established money powers.


Price’s plan will nail the China issue. One in every of the most important anxieties around bitcoin nowadays, at least, in regulative and money circles, is the concentration of Chinese miners. No western bank goes to permit its each dealings to be run through a Chinese computer over which it’s no management. What western powers have realized, though, is that they don’t need to try this. They will merely take bitcoin’s open-source protocol, and adapt it to their own desires and management. That is strictly, what value offers Jack.

Price said:

“With eCoin, we have a tendency to control the ledger, and the mining servers, we are the authority.”

If you’re not a bitcoiner or privacy advocate, you will have incomprehensible the importance of this. A cryptocurrency is an especially powerful tool, relying upon however it’s structured. Imagine that, not like money, each single money dealings you create is effectively half-tracked. You’re thinking that Amazon is aware of too much concerning you? You’ve got no plan what we’re future for if a sufficiently impelled government selected to use this tool that method.


Which is what value offers Fictional Treasury Secretary. “I can certify you’ve got visibility into each single wallet that’s open. Every loan, each dealings. I’ll offer you back doors, side doors, trace it, no matter you wish.”

If you care concerning privacy, that’s an idea that’s as horrifying as any hack, perhaps more scary. the actual fact that Mr. robot hits upon one thing that’s such a true concern, but which the majority aren’t even nonetheless conscious of, is simply another example of the show’s sensible capacity.

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