Moscow Is Leading the Charge for Blockchain Democracy

Moscow Is Leading the Charge for Blockchain Democracy

While Russia stands accused of meddling in 2016 United States presidential election, its countrywide capital is taking a management function in making democracy more obvious. The usage of a current application known as Active Citizen, the City of Moscow has been permitting citizens to solid votes for measures starting from the name of their new metro train to the color of the seats in a new sports arena. However, in order to soothe people’s issues over whether to trust the town in its vote counting, it is introduced a personal version of the ethereum blockchain to that venture’s structure.

Andrey Belozerov, the strategy and innovations consultant to the Moscow’s CIO, said:

“Of course, sometimes we hear that not all of the votes are trusted. So, we decided to use a blockchain for the Active Citizen venture, as a platform of digital trust.”

The platform based on ethereum, which permits everybody to audit the open source consequences, has been downloaded by more than one hundred node operators since its December release. In this manner, the town hopes to gain the trust of the residents of Moscow, but larger than that, win the trust of nation governments around the globe. Even as a blockchain cold war wherein countries use the technology to undermine one another economic impact is worrying to a few, Andrey Belozerov hopes blockchain checks like Active Citizen could result in an increased sense of trust among countries.

Andrey Belozerov stated:

“The idea is to position all of the votes to the blockchain to make it open so all of us can connect with our blockchain network, and to check the voting method, and so-on.”


Firstly released in 2014 as a manner for Moscow’s elected officials to offer its residents a say within the make-up of their town, the Active Citizen application has registered two million customers. However, 3450 polls have been performed the use of the centralized Oracle database that the platform was constructed on initially, and as of remaining week, ninety million votes had been cast, with just the most latest fraction of these logged on the new blockchain platform. One such vote logged at the ethereum platform was a measure that allowed residents to vote whether they had opt-in to be briefly relocated even as the constructing they live in now was demolished and replaced by a newer, nicer constructing.

Moreover, even as Andrey Belozerov stated there’s massive interest from the marketplace, he acknowledges that there are nevertheless hurdles to work out. For one, aligning with issues within the public blockchain area, Andrey Belozerov wonders how well the blockchain platform will scale. Thus far, the platform has just ever reached a peak transaction quantity of about one thousand transactions per minute. However, if the Active Citizen venture attracted more of the Moscow’s twelve million residents, it stays doubtful whether the blockchain be capable of deal with the quantity. In line with Andrey Belozerov, accelerated adoption of the platform will make the appropriate stress test.

Andrey Belozerov stated:

“In the end of the primary quarter, we will decide if it works nicely with our masses. Then we can switch off the preceding version of Active Citizen and pass natively to a blockchain.”

Nevertheless, with the wider aim in thoughts, attention from Moscow residents does not always equate to interest from governments beyond the town limits. In order to show that the system is trustworthy, the Moscow commissioned big four accounting firm PwC to conduct an unbiased audit of the code. The organization studied the opportunity of manipulating the results of polls by each inner personnel and outside assaults, as mentioned Andrey Belozerov, and determined that there aren’t motives for issue in polls that have less than 300000 votes.

Blockchain technology

In line with the Mayor of Moscow’s official internet site, the most famous polls are getting among 137000 and 220000 members presently. However, PwC additionally simulated external cyber-attacks and was not able to replace the votes of a digital referendum or advantage unauthorized access to the outcomes, Andrey Belozerov mentioned. PwC was not capable of verify the consequences, mentioning a policy not to comment on work with clients.

However, Andrey Belozerov believes there’s momentum from authorities entities to undertake blockchain for not just enhanced transparency, but additionally different efficiencies. Case in point, he pointed to a latest check by Russia’s Ministry of monetary improvement and the Federal service for nation Registration to see how blockchain technology could provide proprietors a quicker and less expensive manner to prove they own their assets. Moreover, beyond that, as Andrey Belozerov stated Dubai’s work to move all its authorities information to a blockchain by 2025.

All in all, Andrey Belozerov recognizes that even more so than the scaling demanding situations, is what he believes is an ingrained resistance from authorities leaders that might show the biggest impediment to adoption.

Andrey Belozerov stated:

“Of course, the hardest question is to change their opinion, or to change their minds with this approach. I see a totally robust fashion for moving of various nations and different organizations to this technology.”

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