India will Tax Bitcoin Like Gold

India will Tax Bitcoin Like Gold

India is tabling thoughts on the way to integrate Bitcoin into the India’s policies and, with banning it being an unpopular option, it seems that a goods-and-services tax can be slapped on instead.

In latest months, a legal framework has been mentioned by Indian officials as to how best to integrate the booming cryptocurrency into its structures. A taskforce has been working to decide the legality of factors like Bitcoin under the regulation in India as there was once a concept to place a complete blanket ban at the currency within the closely populated country.


Nowadays it is being stated that taxes are the probable outcome from this enquiry in order to render the cryptocurrency legal, but additionally have an effect on its increase as a decentralized opportunity currency. It seems probably that the regulatory regime that comes in to display Bitcoin and its affiliated cryptocurrencies will fall under the Securities and Exchange Board of India.

This board will then wish to treat cryptocurrencies just like gold; buying and selling it on registered exchanges and therefore selling a formal tax. This will additionally permit the regulators to monitor the transactions in order to stop nefarious uses such as money laundering, terror funding, and drug trafficking.

Banning cryptocurrencies has been discussed in India, but additionally dismissed, which has led the taskforce to keep in mind alternatives that will permit the authorities some type of regulation in order to keep a supervised environment over the anonymous cryptocurrency.


One of the officials stated:

“Banning will provide a clear message that each one associated activities are illegal and will disincentive those interested by taking speculative dangers, but it was mentioned it’s going to impede tax collection on profits made in such activities and that regulating the currency instead would signal a boost to blockchain, inspire the improvement of a supervision environment and promote a formal tax base.”

This is but one of the thoughts that is being tossed around, with another concept to take a much less regulated and managed stance, leaving the danger within the hands of the customers. In this example, the authorities would not recognize cryptocurrencies, and all dangers related will fall onto people who use them, but any unlawful activities conducted via them will be addressed. Blockchain may be promoted and held in a separate light from the cryptocurrency it supports.

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