iMessage Will Integrate Bitcoin Transfers

iMessage Will Integrate Bitcoin Transfers

One of the most interesting news of this week is the integration of Apple’s iMessage application and Bitcoin payment, but there was no official statement about this integration and possibility of Bitcoin transferring. The new upgrade of this Apple’s application was created to support cryptocurrency and Bitcoin transfers, but after all the future and success of this new function has not been defined yet.


iMessage also has been an excellent communicational tool, which allow its users to communicate with their relatives and friends all over the world. Moreover, today it will integrate the new Bitcoin payment options. So because of this the users of iMessage application can transfer their funds through the messaging system. Therefore, this application will become much more convenient and miscellaneous Apple’s app especially for people who have any Apple’s device running iOS 10.

The iMessage application will add the Circle Pay to allow its customers to transfer Euros, U.S. Dollars and Bitcoin to anyone in the world using only the phone number. It is possible to transfer money using Circle Pay transfers to clients who do not install the iMessage application yet. These users will receive the special interactive message to transfer their money, or create a user’s account for next usage. This will let everyone to transfer their funds in Bitcoin price all over the world using only the convenient iOS messaging system.


All in all, there are no reasons for the quick grows of Btcoin price up by several hundreds of U.S. dollars. Therefore, the main question is how many people will use the Circle Pay for money transferring. As you can noted, it is just another type of Bitcoin usage, but its success remain vague for today.

The new iOS 10 is expected to stars in the next 36 hours to United States customers. International users will meet this new update at the same time, and they should be able to investigate the integration of the Circle Pay as well. In recent days, there are a lot of news about Bitcoin future and blockchain technology usage all over the world and Apple is not and exception. Therefore, we just can hope that the users of Apple’s iMassage application will be interested in this Bitcoin payments integration.

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