Huge Growth of Bitcoin Debit Card Wirex

Huge Growth of Bitcoin Debit Card Wirex

Officially named as E-Coin, the firm based in the U.K. has marvelous growth over the last 12 months. The Wirex can offer its clients the opportunity to use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on its hybrid-banking platform.

As you know, there are plenty of new Bitcoin of other cryptocurrncy startups. However, the Wirex Company was successfully operating in such a highly competitive environment and it seems to be flourishing. This company made a global breakthrough and extended its client base by 3000% in the last year although it worked without a marketing budget. All in all, the Wirex has release about 37,000 cards for today and of course the total number of its customers increased up to 160,000.


Co-founder of Wirex, Dmitry Lazarichev, said:

“Big thanks to all our customers for his or her support. We have been operating hard to create our service a no brainer selection once it involves a bitcoin debit card provider selection.”

Tim Frost, VP Marketing & Business Development at Wirex, noted:

“We were fortunate to own nice management, a development team building innovative merchandise, and reliable support. With a well-balanced team, we were ready to gain trust and traction in the business. At the same time as competition has raised over the last year we have been ready to maintain growth.”


Not so long ago the Wirex was suggesting a free virtual debit card working through the Wirex application for its customers. The card allows customers to spend, save, transfer and receive bitcoin of another currency all over the world. In April, the Wirex Company starts its new mobile application with card loading and money transfer features, substantially making it an autonomous mobile banking platform application.

So nowadays the Wirex users can receive the access to bitcoin and fiat accounts in three different currencies, move their funds to anyone who has access to bitcoin or an email address, use their debit card in any markets with Visa or MasterCard accession, and moreover customers can withdraw their money from ATMs if they want. As Wirex mentioned, it wants to make their customers free from the limitations of traditional banking systems and avoid bank fees, and sesquipedalian application forms with the use of bitcoin debit card.


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