Huge Ethereum Problem

Huge Ethereum Problem

Everybody have a lot of different reasons to do or not to do something they want or need to do. And finance is not an exception, but the reason of recent attacks against the Ethereum cryptocurrency from several people in Bitcoin community surprised me.

Many people all over the world have Bitcoins and they are interested in this cryptocurrency project, but the other individuals are interested in the Ethereum too. As you know, the current price of Bitcoin surprisingly dropped about three percent over the last day. So maybe some influential people in the Bitcoin community are interested in Ethereum?

Yesterday was presentation from Ethereum creator in San Francisco – starting the gamut of usith the blockchain technology to run an energy micro-grid that needs no centralized power plant that awarded little amount of Ether whenever they sent cash to the contract yesterday.

However, during this presentation, nobody pay attention on Ethereum Classic, but of course, it was discussed. Therefore, one person said that it is hard to find any well-known developers who working on Ethereum Classic. Speaking about the real cash, which was involved in Ethereum Classic, the name that has been called is Barry Silbert. Barry Silbert is founder and CEO of the Digital Currency Group and creator of the Bitcoin Investment Trust. This Trust specialize on invested exclusively in bitcoin and derives its value solely from the price of bitcoin. Looking for more information about this, just visit his Twitter account:


It is hard to understand this calculations about how much a pre-fork orphan chain might make for someone over the next six months.

All in all several inivuduals believe that listing failed chains as currencies on major famous cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchanges is a not good idea. Because it makes them feel themselves more difficult and confusing and because Ethereum Classic has a very low hashrate that a group of miners could attack with 51% and destroy Ethereum Classic. However, on the other side Ethereum has great hashrate. Moreover, which is more important that this smart contract platform less likely to be compromised by some miners.

So, we should admit that we do not know the Silbert reasons. Overall, if such persons is so interested in, that maybe there will be come thing interesting with Ethereum Classic. So we will see.

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