Zašto su rudari uključeni u Bitcoin Code izmjenama?

Zašto su rudari uključeni u Bitcoin Code izmjenama?

Cryptocurrency community performed a role in bitcoin’s technical debates. Međutim, if you’ve been following, you can have noticed the attention being paid to whether miners are signaling for numerous proposals. Earlier than we dive into what that means, it enables to take into account that the time period miners really relates to a diverse group of people. First, all miners develop, construct or set up the specialized computer systems designed to compete for network rewards, and within the process, assist move bitcoins from person to person. The role can also sound mundane, but there are worries that miners have, or can sooner or later have, an excessive amount of power over network decision-making.

Since a few argue that it was firstly envisioned that each bitcoin consumer would assist secure the network miners have long been the issue of the less-than-trusting imaginations of the network’s customers and security-conscious builders. With about twenty mining pools obtainable, some controlling huge chunks of the underlying computer power, there are long-held fears that they might probably conspire to assault the network and, kao rezultat, lessen confidence in bitcoin as a secure and strong on-line currency.

Complicating matters is that, over the years, miners have additionally developed a secondary role, supporting bitcoin add new technical features. povrh toga, customers have grown to worry that this position might be abused. Certainly, you could argue that the group contributed to latest uncertainty about bitcoin’s future. With several competing proposals at the table, there were many special ways this summer’s code modifications could have spread out, and miners were essential to each.

It even felt like their approval of the change was the only aspect maintaining bitcoin from splitting into competing blockchains. This game was on complete display remaining week when mining pools started signaling assist for an upgrade earlier than predicted. One mining pool started embedding data in blocks indicating it’d follow via on an motion, then a flood of others joined. It wasn’t long earlier than all miners were on board. Customers cheered on social media even as maintaining track of the blocks left to improve by refreshing tracker pages, until the page-stopped loading because of overwhelming traffic. It was a relief. It looked like a split have been all but prevented following a long duration of uncertainty.


Like every software program, bitcoin needs to make improvements to fix issues or to add new capabilities. In bitcoin’s case, the completely distributed network needs to stay in sync. One manner to improve the software is what is called a soft fork, one way to modify the regulations that keep all of the nodes in the network in agreement. Soft forks are backwards-compatible modifications that do not require all nodes to improve. Kao takav, customers can choose-in to the new regulations. Node variations from years in the past may be used to send cash to upgraded nodes, even though they do not comply with those new regulations. Sada, nodes might not need to improve, but at least a few mining pools do. Mining pools are the ones who mine new blocks of transactions, so that they need to simply accept and follow the new regulations in order that the new kinds of blocks and transactions can actually be brought to the blockchain.

For the soft fork to keep away from splitting bitcoin into assets, nearly fifty-one percent of bitcoin’s mining hash rate desires to assist the change. In any other case it’ll be the shortest chain with much less computing power and its blocks will be rejected by the rest of the mining pools. It’s tough to recognise what number of mining pools have upgraded to support the modifications, since it’s not data. The more miners that assist the soft fork. This diminishes the probability of sure assaults and network disruption as mining pools shift to the new regulations. In a few instances, such as the code change P2SH, this shift to the new soft fork regulations took place through a flag day, additionally called a user-activated soft fork. A user-activated soft fork works like this, programeri, nodes and organizations, set a day that’s, say, six months or a 12 months into the destiny. U tom trenutku, upgraded nodes will enforce the new regulations and reject blocks that do not assist them.

In idea, mining pools will typically choose to upgrade for fear of dropping the block rewards that come with implementing the regulations and adding blocks. Međutim, this process hasn’t been problem-free. Some miners have not been nicely organized within the past, and feature lost block rewards within the process. Zbog ovoga, developers developed a system that requires ninty five percent of bitcoin’s miners to signal that they’re prepared for the change. The second iteration of this concept, which permits for multiple soft forks to be deployed at once, is Bitcoin improvement proposal nine. That’s why bitcoin mining pools have signaled for soft fork improvements for the past numerous years.

Some current competing scaling proposals have involved mining pools. Most take the form of what is known as a Bitcoin development idea, and there are many which have been in a state of flux of late. A few even rely upon every other in order to result in modifications. Bitcoin improvement proposal 141, created by developers for customers and miners seeks to introduce Segregated Witness, uses Bitcoin improvement proposal nine. Bitcoin improvement proposal 141’s regulations require ninety-five percent of mining pools to signal support for Segregated Witness earlier than activating the change.

Međutim, not like older modifications, most mining pools didn’t signal assist for Bitcoin improvement proposal 141. It stalled at thirty percent of miner assist for a while. Some mining pools indicated they did so to negotiate for a 2MB block size parameter growth. Others suggested that a few mining pools had an incentive to block the change to make extra money.


Some within the community were not satisfied that Segregated Witness stalled, believing that Bitcoin improvement proposal 141 might enhance bitcoin and that mining pools have been overstepping their activity description. Therefore, within the hopes of pushing Segregated Witness via, many customers and builders rallied across the older Flag Day concept, since it does not require the approval of mining pools.

The concept, Bitcoin improvement proposal 148, is slated for August 1. A majority of mining pools would need to assist the change, for the motives described above. Bitcoin improvement proposal ninety-one was ultimately perceived as a kind of compromise among those modifications, one that kept miners within the driver’s seat. Even as Bitcoin improvement proposal nine is a recently introduced mechanism for making upgrades to bitcoin, a few developers already want to get rid of it.

A few declare it was supposed as a manner of protecting miners – so that they wouldn’t lose their block rewards if a soft fork went via and their blocks were rejected by the rest of miners. Like some customers, some developers do not like that mining pools used the signaling mechanism as a way to prevent code modifications that otherwise had broad agreement from bitcoin customers. Blockstream developer Rusty Russell, a former Linux kernel developer and one of the creators of Bitcoin improvement proposal 9, went as far as to publicly make an apology for his role in developing this opportunity.

Rusty Russell stated:

I hadn’t anticipated that this checkpoint would be used as a chokepoint to ransom the network.

Bitcoin improvement proposal nine had extensive assist from builders earlier than it caused political disagreements. A few builders still seem to favor known as miner-activated soft forks as a much less disruptive option, but now a few developers, including Russell, seem more inclined to suggest for user-activated soft forks. Tako, possibly each options will be at the table for future improvements. Regardless of the case, miners are essential players who will keep having some influence in future bitcoin code modifications.

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