Washington Proposed Confusing Bitcoin Correction to Legal Marijuana

Washington Proposed Confusing Bitcoin Correction to Legal Marijuana

It’s a well-established trope in the mainstream monetary press or even in much of the contemporary attention that Bitcoin is merely the Cayman Islands of currencies. Criminals use it to cover their cash from the authorities. Even as Bitcoin is almost not possible to eradicate itself, the worry of government intervention to protect traders from using the currency has long pervaded conversations about Bitcoin.

The marijuana business in states where the plant has become criminal faces huge swaths of criminal gray regions in regards to their currency they’re allowed to promote the marijuana, but not to financial institution any of their profits, making a tertiary black marketplace of criminals dedicated to robbing legal marijuana dealers. In lieu of credit cards, dispensaries can receive Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies. Međutim, nowadays country representatives from Olympia, Vašington, goal to reduce this kind of attempt off at the knees.


SB 5264-2017-18 amends Washington state marijuana law to ban the attractiveness of cryptocurrencies for marijuana, or maybe to use it for the purchase of business components and so on. Verbatim, it will become difficult in the definition of cryptocurrency.

The first modification to the law stated:

“Cryptocurrency means a digital representation of value used as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, or a store of value. However does not have legal gentle reputation as identified by america authorities. Cryptocurrency does not consist of the software program or protocols governing the transfer of the digital representation of price or different uses of digital distributed ledger structures to confirm ownership or authenticity in a virtual potential when the cryptocurrency is not used as a medium of exchange.

The United States authorities does not recognize Bitcoin as criminal tender, but neither does the IRS accept Paypal, that’s exempt. In terms of value exchange, Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies are being focused.


The second amendment to the regulation said:

A marijuana manufacturer, marijuana processor, or retail outlet ought to not pay with or receive cryptocurrency for the acquisition or sale of marijuana or any marijuana product.

The wedding of Bitcoin and criminal marijuana has been obvious to many. The reasoning need to be exciting, but as but has not been made public.

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