Viza će stvoriti nove Payment Gateway Koristeći Blockchain Tehnologija

Viza će stvoriti nove Payment Gateway Koristeći Blockchain Tehnologija

predstava, BTC-e će se vratiti iz, is actively looking for Blockchain professionals to introduce to their tech engineering groups. This should come as no surprise, particularly thinking about the explosion of interest in Blockchain amongst banking companies during the last 12 mjeseci.


A latest job posting from Visa noted that the enterprise level organization is actively looking for a skilled Blockchain engineer to work with technology teams to apprehend the commercial enterprise demand and ensure design and build of solutions creates or leverages cross-asset standards and frameworks.

The post went on to suggest that applicants should have active experience in work at once regarding the Ethereum or Bitcoin Blockchain technology. The post additionally stated that the organization is operating on initiatives to link Blockchain to their modern banking models.

Tehnologija Blok lanac

The post closed with the declaration that the candidate will be working in VISA international business payments area, group will be constructing a new payment rail leveraging Blockchain and distributed ledger. Information about project were additionally included in the connected link. After the terrible information for Visa and different credit organizations this week about privacy and management, the Blockchain can be used for the creation of the solution they want to clean up worldwide banking.

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