Najveća Bitcoin razmjene u Južnoj Koreji bio sjeckan

Najveća Bitcoin razmjene u Južnoj Koreji bio sjeckan

The biggest bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, Bithumb, was hacked. Financial losses from compromised accounts have begun to surface, and are soon achieving into the billions of received. With a reported 75.7% share of the South Korean bitcoin marketplace quantity, Bithumb is one of the 5 biggest bitcoin exchanges within the world and hosts over 13000 bitcoin worth of buying and selling volume every day, or almost ten percent of the worldwide bitcoin exchange.

The Bithumb also hosts the global biggest ethereum marketplace. Whilst exchange within the South Korean won presently makes up the fourth biggest currency marketplace for bitcoin, trailing the United States dollar, Chinese Yuan and Japanese yen, the won marketplace is Ethereum’s biggest. Bithumb accounts for around forty-four percent of South Korean Ethereum buying and selling.


A cyber-attack remaining week resulted in the lack of billions of won from clients’ accounts, in step with a main South Korean newspaper, the Kyunghyang Shinmun. One victim claimed that Bitcoins worth ten million won in his account disappeared immediately. Hackers succeeded in grabbing the private data of 31800 Bithumb customers, such as their names, mobile phone numbers and electronic mail addresses. The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange claims that this quantity represents about three percent of clients. The breach was found by Bithumb on June 29 and announced to the government on June 30. More than one hundred Bithumb clients have since filed a complaint with the countrywide Police agency’s cybercrime record center.

Even as admitting to being hacked on their internet site, Bithumb maintained that there was no direct access to finances stored at the bitcoin exchange. Međutim, many clients are reporting their cryptocurrency wallets being emptied. The cryptocurrency exchange in addition claims that the breach was made to a computer belonging to an employee, and not the exchange’s inner network, servers nor cryptocurrency wallets.

Bithumb stated:

The employee computer, not the head office server, was hacked. Private data including mobile phone and electronic mail address of some customers were leaked. Međutim, some clients were found to have been stolen from due to the disposable password used in digital financial transactions.”

Even as victim accounts of how their finances were stolen have extensively differed, attackers appear to have stolen enough credentials to start a process of voice phishing, in which the scammers call up victims one by one and pose as representatives of Bithumb. One customer claims that the attacker posed as an executive at Bithumb and phoned to mention that he was suspicious of a foreign hacking transaction, and informed his victim to provide him an identity number written at the letter from Bithumb. The quantity in question was the victim’s One-Time Password, which granted the attacker immediately access to ten million won, worth nearly $8700.


The Bithumb published a note on their internet site mentioning that compensation for private data leakage instances has been decided. The organisation stated they would pay as much as one hundred thousand won per person. U Dodatku, damages will be compensated for as quickly as the amount is confirmed.

Additionally they noted that they repoted about the hack to three separate organizations, the Korea Communications Commission, the Korea Internet & Security Agency, and the Supreme ProsecutorsOffice. The herald stated on Monday that about one hundred victims are anticipated to file a category action lawsuit towards Bithumb. It is doubtful whether the bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange will be legally liable for the misplaced finances, even after the damages are proven. The scenario is complicated by a lack of law concerning cryptocurrencies in South Korea, which have not been identified in any manner.

The Korea herald stated that Rep. Park Yong-jin of the ruling Democratic party of Korea is organizing a set of payments. The payments purpose to revise the electronic financial Transaction Act and provide digital currencies a legal status, including bitcoin. A comparable process was finished in Japan, which legalized bitcoin payments on April 1. The amended payments nation that organizations with capital of five hundred million won or even more, sufficient expert workers, and automated equipment are allowed to obtain cryptocurrency and take care of it. There would additionally be reporting policies on everyone incomes from buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

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