Centralna banka Kambodži će se koristiti Blockchain Tehnologija

Centralna banka Kambodži će se koristiti Blockchain Tehnologija

Središnja banka Kambodže navodno je potpisao ugovor s pokretanju Blockchain tehnologije, Soramitsu, with a view to discover the central bank contributing to its improvement initiatives. The aim of the attempt is to start joint work on new charge infrastructure prototypes by the usage of DLT systems. however even as a number of central banks are studying the Blockchain globally, Soramitsu chief executive Officer Makoto Takemiya framed the information as specific in that he asserted the central bank has agreed to go beyond simply analyzing programs.


Created in 2016, Soramitsu is nice recognized for its control of the Hyperledger Iroha software program framework, to which he noted central bank of Cambodia would now be contributing.

Makoto Takemiya said:

This is extraordinarily interesting because their programmers intimately know what financial establishments want and might assist make Hyperledger Iroha ready for systemically essential payment systems.

For the Soramitsu, the deal provides to past work that has included trials performed with Japan-based assets insurer Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings, while for central bank of Cambodia. It follows its scarce public statements about the Blockchain technology.


Međutim, central bank of Cambodia had previously stated that bitcoin does not fall under its definition of a currency. The trial comes amid an active time for central bank exploration of the Blockchain, with bank of England, De Nederlandsche bank and the people’s bank of China all stating latest tasks aimed toward investigating its ability.

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