Bitcoin ukradena iz ShapeShift početi pomicati

Bitcoin ukradena iz ShapeShift početi pomicati

The Bitcoin taken from digital currency exchange ShapeShift has started to move. U ožujku 2016, haker, scarf more than $230,000 worth of Bitcoin from ShapeShift. Većina toga nije poboljšala, and the criminal however has not been recognized. Erik Voorhees, business executive of ShapeShift, continuous the public evaluated on matters throughout and when the hacking event.

On June 30, the stolen funds were moved to 2 separate addresses, jedan u $205,666 chunk and the alternative in $654 chunk. All of those addresses shows solely 2 transactions: the receipt of the moneys, and also the sequent conduction of these moneys to 2 distinct addresses. This remains deceptively limitlessly, as each new group action is separated into 2 and sent to 2 drugačiji, empty addresses thus on cowl the thief’s paths.


All Bitcoin transactions are in open seeable via the blockchain. Još, subsequently addresses do not look to be knotted to any definite individuality, and furthermore new addresses are created simply, the obfuscation of financial transfers becomes awfully possible. Coin mixture facilities send coins to and from numerous addresses in order that their ending target, i podrijetlo, ostaje nejasan, tako očuvanja povjerljivosti. Dash contains of a coin mixture service in-built, accomplished by its main nodes.

U međuvremenu ovaj napad, ShapeShift has promised to build and recover. No customer moneys were stolen during the hacks event, and ShapeShift’s organization has since been remodeled.

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