Herman Klimenko Announces Creation of Russian Blockchain Association

Herman Klimenko Announces Creation of Russian Blockchain Association

Russia’s net advisor to Vladimir Putin has introduced the development of Blockchain association with a view to provide preferential benefits to individuals. Taking part of the meeting prepared by Russian digital currency information portal DeCenter, Herman Klimenko stated that the Russian Blockchain and Digital currency Association would come into being during subsequent weeks.

Herman Klimenko stated:

“The new company will unite individuals from the Blockchain technology marketplace, digital currency proprietors such as miners, in addition to traders putting finances into Blockchain and initiatives based on digital currencies.”

Herman Klimenko

Russia is presently within the midst of a complicated and contradictory regulatory process for digital currencies. In spite of the authorities actively pursuing competition with China for Bitcoin mining supremacy, deputy finance minister Dmitry Moiseev mentioned that he had plans to prohibit digital currency sales to participants of the public. Moiseev introduced that it was difficult to argue towards” the case that digital currencies were a pyramid scheme. The new association keeps the Moiseev’s belief that just qualified people should have exposure to digital assets.

Herman Klimenko stated:

“Numerous options among different things will be available to members of the association. This will consist of producers of equipment used in developing digital currencies, the option to offer technologies earlier than potential clients and the chance to participate in main country’s activities.”


Herman Klimenko himself has made headlines currently for his feedback about Russian exposure to the WannaCry cyber-attacks and different Bitcoin viruses. In interviews with Russian media in July, he stated he taken into consideration up to thirty percent of the Russia’s devices were infected with malicious software program including Bitcoin mining viruses. However, Herman Klimenko suspected that the creators of the worldwide WannaCry assault were children because of the incredibly low quantity of Bitcoin they gathered.

Not only Moscow, but also local government keep offering a split personality on Bitcoin. A court in the second metropolis of St. Petersburg recently banned distribution of information relating to the digital currency, just months after the successful deployment of numerous Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATMs. The ATMs have given that disappeared, with owner Bitlish declining to comment on the motive.

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