Expance – new Ethereum?

Expance – new Ethereum?

Expanse – new Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second cryptocurrency by total market capitalization – it has like a $1.11 billion.
Last week Coinbase changed message on its home page of main general website. That happened after adding ETH on site for trading. As known Coinbase is most popular and simple way to trade BTC. Now we can see “BUY AND SELL DIGITAL CURRENCY: Coinbase is the world’s most popular way to buy and sell bitcoin and ether.” instead of “BUY AND SELL BITCOIN”.
After announcing Ethereum Classic it is possible to understand that it is just like an update or actualization of your software to new version – from ETH to ETC. But everything is not so clear. Many people as a miners, developers, traders from ETH community make post on Reddit or Twitter with their pseudo names for starting support Ethereum classic and they make that job for last 48 hours for giving everybody understanding what ETC is and what for it is and for invite new people in that action. That made a very good start for ETC and we can see good grow from beginning to next few days. Those who were in opposition of ETC were attacked. And blocksize is so interesting here in that situation with ETC. As we can see for last few days there aren’t cryptocurrencies based on ETH with a good stability. Situation with DAO fork wasn’t so clear for many people and now we see new Ethereum “Classic”. ETH founder Vitaliy Buterin said 85% of miners have voted for the fork. He said the reason he supports the fork is that Ethereum is still in development stages, and isn’t fully formed. With many experience is possible to say – just DON’T take such risks with people’s money.
Ethereum Classic looks like just a scam – anyone who wanna buy it just will get empty box of something with thinking he got something inside.
Difference between BTC and Ethereum based currencies is transaction’s time. You can make transactions with ETH just for a 10 seconds and something. And you should wait few BTC network confirmations for a half an hour or more.
If I wanted to kill and destroy any cryptocurrency system like Bitcoin based on blockchain I would do exactly what ETC has done.
But if we will look at that we just see many problems with forks, hacks in chains.
Bitcoin networks market cap has $3 billion less than few years ago.
So strong currency like an Expanse will be strong long time. And we can be sure about stability of that network.
So far we understand that only smart contract based cryptocurrency system is strongly formed and works clear for everybody. Looks good but only EXP – Expanse has that parameters http://www.expanse.tech/
Only EXP is a cryptocurrency without any problem – smart contract that is all we need.
Also we can simply use social networks for being in touch with founders and command of any IT product.
Official Expanse Community in Twitter posted:
“Expanse has the same ETC core values but with out the threat of replay attacks, questionable distribution, or brand confusion.”

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