Moscow Blockchain International Meetup about Bitcoin Scaling

Moscow Blockchain International Meetup about Bitcoin Scaling

Moscow will be compere an open assembly on 21 January 2017 that will speak about methods of scaling bitcoin and subjects on blockchain technology. Blockchain international Meetup may interact on the blockchain technology, practical demonstration of operating on Lightning network, destiny of Litecoin in the Lightning network, and some another interesting topics, which are closely connected with Blockchain technology. The meetup could have an open assembly to speak about methods of scaling bitcoin and different blockchain assets and the technology.

Blockchain International Meetup

Throughout the interaction on blockchain, there will be a motivational component, a historical attitude, evaluation of implementation techniques, and assessment of the technical information of the pair.

The realistic demo on Lightning network will include two elements, theoretical and practical. In the theory part, intro on bitcoin and disclosure of scaling issues can be covered. There will be a quick introduction on Lightning network and method to scaling issues. The practical element will cover deploying a mini Lightning network cluster in a check network simnet such as development and release of Alice Lightning network node, developing and running of Bob Lightning network node, making a channel between Alice and Bob.

The meetup speakers include eminent leaders and professionals in the blockchain technology such as Andrew Samohvalovan intern at the group Lightning Labs, Maxim Taldykinblockchain enthusiast and developer and Alexander Pankovrepresentative blockchain developer.


Blockchain international Meetup will take place with the help from ForkLog, BitNovosti, BlockchainRF, Blockchain.Community. The meetup companions and organizers consist of Blockchain International, Formal methods, and Future.Fintech.

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