Litecoin May Succeed Where Bitcoin Has Failed

Litecoin May Succeed Where Bitcoin Has Failed

The price of another popular cryptocurrency, litecoin, has shot higher in latest weeks as its customers have thrown assist behind a software program update that could enhance the network’s potential to quickly and effectively process transactions. Kolmapäeval, assist for a software program improve known as Segregated Witness was fast approaching the seventy five percent threshold of processing power wanted for it to take impact.

People who are surprising with the world of cryptocurrencies might not recognize the real importance of this accomplishment. Each bitcoin and ethereum have struggled to gain the consensus had to enforce essential software program updates. In ethereum’s case, the struggle led the network to split into separate coins. Moreover, bitcoin almost skilled the equal destiny remaining month.


Charles Hayter, founder and chief executive officer of CryptoCompare, öeldud:

Litecoin has done what bitcoin hasn’t. It has controlled to interrupt via an impasse by providing a scaling solution.”

Traders had been paying as much as $12 per litecoin on Wednesday, a growth of more than twenty percent from the previous day, in keeping with information from CryptoCompare. This is only shy of a more than three-year high reached last week.

Segregated Witness might successfully strip out some information from every litecoin transaction, permitting miners to squeeze more of them into every block at the litecoin blockchain. It’d additionally make it less difficult for consumers to send litecoin to each other using off chain transactions. These transactions are not processed by the primary litecoin network, and consequently do not require costs to be paid to the litecoin miners who power it.


A blockchain is the distributed, cryptographically secured ledger that powers cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Each personal computer working the litecoin software program keeps a record of each litecoin transaction, and each transaction need to be firstly verified by every node within the network earlier than it is confirmed.

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