Greek Court Backs Extradition of Alleged Bitcoin Exchange Operator to United States

Greek Court Backs Extradition of Alleged Bitcoin Exchange Operator to United States

A Greek court has backed a request that the alleged former operator of bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e should be extradited to the United States for trial. The accused, Alexander Vinnik, is needed in United States for allegedly working the bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange without a license, and using it as a platform to launder money to the tune of four billion dollars. Quickly after modern ruling, lawyers of the accused reportedly moved to enchantment the decision.

Alexander Vinnik’s lawyer, Alexandros Lykourezos, määratud:

We’ve taken instant action and appealed the ruling and the case might be tested by the criminal department of the Supreme Court.

Alexander Vinnik

Talking at his hearing, Alexander Vinnik denied his position as the operator of BTC-e, claiming he had simply worked as a technician for the platform.

Alexander Vinnik mentioned:

I’ve nothing to do with what I’m accused of.

The accused additionally claimed that the computer seized throughout his arrest was in no way associated with his employment, including that it contained just kid’s cartoons for his family. Worldwide law enforcement officials arrested Alexander Vinnik in July even as on holiday in Greece after the unexpected closure of the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange.


The Russian is desired for extradition to his domestic country in reference to the equal crimes. Greek courts have not begun to make a formal choice on the request, even though Alexander Vinnik’s lawyers reportedly mentioned in modern appeal that they’d no plans to contest extradition to Russia. Alexandra, the wife of Alexander Vinnik, previously noted that she thought United States extradition could be weird, because the accused had neither lived nor worked in United States.

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