Estonia Will Host the First Large-Scale Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference

Estonia Will Host the First Large-Scale Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference

On March 9, Tallinn will host the primary huge-scale conference focused on Blockchain technology and Bitcoin as well. Main Topics will include private Blockchains in Govtech and Fintech segments, which Estonia specializes in. The participants of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn will share his experience in the establishment and the merchandising of projects based on blockchain technology and speak about the effect of this technology on commercial enterprise.

In 2015, Estonia announced itself as a leading nation in the improvement of offerings based on blockchain technology. However, not just the commercial area but also the authorities has become interested in blockchain and blockchain-based projects including Public Notary and the project on transferring clinical information of Estonian citizens into the Blockchain. Public Notary is a digital model of a notary with remote access from everywhere. It was designed by developers of the e-Residency permitting foreign residents to set up a business in the Estonian jurisdiction.

E-Residency improvement was preceded via many years of digitalization and IT area improvement. The country’s whole territory offers access to high-speed internet and its socio-financial environment is very attractive for particularly skilled programmers from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and even Finland. Experts from the European Union and Unites States are also visitors due to low taxes. Kaspar Korjus, the young engineer qualified by Megan Smith and ex-vice-president of Google, focuses on the further Blockchain implementation within the e-Residency project.

Kaspar Korjus said:

“There’s no better location for Blockchain discussions than here in Tallinn the home of digital society. Blockchain itself is nothing. It needs to be considered collectively with digital identification, criminal environment and efficient e-governance. Just then we can begin to recognize its actual impact.”

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn

The eHealth foundation of Estonia alongside Guardtime, a developer of keyless signature infrastructure technology, has targeted on transferring clinical information into the Blockchain. The system will secure citizen health information storage and permit to display patient conditions in real-time. LHV Pank, which has created the Cuber wallet mobile utility, specializes in Blockchain implementation in the banking area. In 2015, LHV clients got a possibility to switch cash properly without cost using the Blockchain. except, in January 2017, the Estonian subdivision of Nasdaq has effectively finished testing of the e-voting project designed for voting amongst shareholders of an organization and goes to maintain tendencies within the customer support .

However, the above-stated e-Residency, members will speak about the e-auction 3.0 platform created by Ukrainian IT experts for undertaking Blockchain auctions. The primary aim of this project is to offer free access to public property hire and sale auctions. In spite of the fact that Ukrainian government are not in a hurry to apply the e-auction project, the platform has been efficiently tested in various areas.

Nevertheless, the main interest should be given to the venture on developing a Blockchain-based stock exchange led by Kaidi Ruusalepp, the pinnacle of Funderbeam investment platform and the ex-CEO of Estonian Nasdaq. As expected by developers, Blockchain implementation will solve the buying and selling transparency problem and become an economic engine of participating organizations. More than 2.5 million dollars had been invested in the project by numerous organizations and personal traders, such as Jaan Tallinn, a founder of Skype. Blockchain can totally change the exchange business, Ruusalepp believes. Kaidi Ruusalepp will commit her presentation to new demanding situations faced by banks and exchanges and share her experience in organizing crowdsourcing campaigns.


Ronny Boesing, CEO at OpenLedger, will commit his presentation to the associated topic Blockchain-based crowd funding 3.0 problems. Considered one of key conference speakers will be Jon Matonis an cryptocurrency analyst and founder of Bitcoin foundation. Jon Matonis will speak about Blockchain consortiums responsibilities.

He mentioned:

I hope that the Tallinn conference will improve the level of Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency understanding, which includes amongst government officials.”

Dmitriy Starodubcev, founder of cyber Fund and one of the most well-known Blockchain enthusiasts of the Russian-speaking community. Developed together with his involvement, Golos social platform has become a step forward task in the media, offering a brand new version of content material monetization. Except the conference, there will be a demo quarter where crypto enterprise software and hardware producers will present their merchandise.

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