Edinburgh Will Hold Global Blockchain Conference

Edinburgh Will Hold Global Blockchain Conference

Scotland’s Capital can hold its own blockchain technology conference with over two hundred attendees next month to discuss blockchain technology development. With world registration to the ScotChain16 conference on 11 November, this may be the primary blockchain conference for Scotland.


Michael Young, chief of Glasgow-based MBN Solutions and one in all the organizers of the conference, told that this can be a primary for thus several leading blockchain firms to congregate in Scotland to assist folks perceive the blockchain technology.

Michael Young said:

“We hope this event illustrates how European country is blazing a path during this necessary technology space.”

When it involves innovative technologies, Scotland isn’t scared of grip them. A year ago, a Scottish MP was vocation for a national digital currency, the ScotPound, to be experimented at intervals the country, during a bid to interrupt faraway from land pound.

Not solely that, but the country went to this point on show its openness toward digital currency that a city gin mill was reported to begin accepted the digital currency Scotcoin as a type of payment.

In spite of the keenness behind the Scotcoin, if Scotland were to interrupt far away from the U.K., supporters of the digital currency would want to extend its price to reverse its low price that may build the value of everyday living increase.

However, while the Scotcoin could, at present, have a coffee price, the approaching ScotChain16 conference could facilitate flip it’s this around as Scotland works at turning into following blockchain powerhouse.


Scotland understands the potential that this new technology will wear its economy, which is one in all the explanations why it’s producing this conference. Nevertheless, the teachers at the University of Strathclyde, a number one public analysis university in city, found that if Scotland fails to adopt new inventions they might lose on providing 14,000 jobs and £635 million in wages.

Over subsequent 10 years it’s foreseen that around 15,000 jobs is created in Scotland by sound into the FinTech sector, states Daniel Broby, director of the University of Strathclyde’s Centre of financial Regulation & Innovation.

For many this event can facilitate to stimulate business interest in blockchain technology and the way they’ll implement it to any their business. At the ScotChain16 conference, topics to be mentioned can embrace money services, healthcare, insurance, offer chain management, and digital rights. It’s expected that this conference are the platform to catapult Scotland’s potential of turning into a blockchain powerhouse.

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