EasyBit Installs New Bitcoin ATMs Across Four Different States

EasyBit Installs New Bitcoin ATMs Across Four Different States

Bitcoin ATMs become one of the most profitable business model in the world. The famous company, EasyBit, is working on crating its business with Bitcoin ATMs. So six new Bitcoin ATMs were installed in four well-developed regions of United States earlier this week. This all looks like an essential boost for global Bitcoin acceptance.


As everybody knows, there many Bitcoin ATMs are situated United States. This country have over half of all Bitcoin ATMs in the world. However, the main question is how many of these machines are needed in the United States. While the proses of global Bitoin adoption is still going on, the EasyBit tries to grab their part of such attractive market.

EasyBit launched the six new Bitcoin ATMs across four various states such as Georgia, Hawaii, Utah and Texas. All of these states could use some additional Bitcoin efforts, and these new Bitoin ATMs help to make the proses of cryptocurrency exchange much easier for the customers. It all shows that the company started to grab its part of the Bitcoin market of the United States.

Overall, EasyBit has been focused only on the United States. It is an international Bitcoin company, which operates nearly three dozen different Bitcoin ATMs in nine different countries in the world. It is working together with famous GenesisCoin and Bitaccess, both of which are outstanding companies in the Bitcoin ATM market.


The CEO of EasyBit, Michael Dupree, said:

“We have determined that adding a Bitcoin ATM greatly improves cryptocurrncy adoption in these communities. Our host locations usually see higher traffic and accrued revenue when putting in place a Bitcoin ATM, creating it a win-win for everybody.”

Of course, there are several important things, which companies should know working with Bitcoin ATMs. Moreover, one of them is the huge interest from regulators to tighten the rules for operating Bitcoin ATMs in the country, for example in the United States. Overall, it is quite a good thing for international adoption of Bitcoin.

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