Digital Currency Poses Serious Risks

Digital Currency Poses Serious Risks

Russian president Vladimir Putin mentioned in a meeting that digital currencies pose huge dangers associated fraud and money laundering. Vladimir Putin was talking throughout a meeting that was centered almost about digital currencies and financial technology. However, Putin officially voiced his assist for new regulations concerning digital currency exchange, mentioning that Russia should look to worldwide examples as a manual when creating such policies.

However, the meeting represents a number of Putin’s most comprehensive remarks at the situation thus far. He first spoke about digital currencies in the summer season of 2015, remarking at the time that there were critical, actually essential problems associated with its wider utilization. In his new statements, Vladimir Putin cited the growing profile of the technology, even as additionally echoing those 2015 feedback.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin said:

“Cryptocurrencies or digital currencies are getting and have already become more famous. They have already emerge as or are becoming a complete-fledged payment tool and a funding asset in some nations. At the same time, use of digital currencies contains critical dangers.”

All in all, Vladimir Putin threw his assist at the back of policies that could defend purchasers and facilitate the improvement of recent economic merchandise.


Vladimir Putin said:

“We have to develop this type of regulatory system on the basis of worldwide experience in order to make possible to make relations on this sphere systemic, actually protect attention of residents, commercial enterprise and the authorities, and offer legal ensures for work with modern economic devices.”

Putin’s feedback come after a senior official for Russia’s central bank stated publicly that his institution would assist efforts to block access to external internet sites that offer digital currency brokering offerings within the country. Furthermore, Representatives from the bank of Russia were present on the Putin meeting.

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