Could Duterte’s Rule End Reign of Bitcoin in Philippines?

Could Duterte’s Rule End Reign of Bitcoin in Philippines?

The current political landscape of Philippines has caught attention. The alleged war on medicine, gambling, and what not by the country’s new president Rodrigo Duterte has allegedly turned the country into a Wild West.

Now, with vigilantes and police cracking down on a number of the items involving frequent Bitcoin transactions, can the digital currency itself become future target? Perhaps not, says Miguel Cuneta, the co-founder of Satoshi fastness Industries a big player within the cryptocurrency trade. He was responding to an interview question by one among the monetary publications.


Cuneta refers to the unexpected shift within the country’s gambling trade that saw many eGambling platforms being stop working in but 2 months of Duterte’s rule. Following the new presidential orders, the pinnacle of Philippine Amusement and Play Corporation is furthering the anti-gambling crusade into the special Freeport zones that also are home for several gambling firms operational in Asia.

With the majority in panic mode, the Bitcoin coupled drug sales on the dark internet has positively come back down within the region. It’s the same fate with on-line play platforms additionally. However, the utilization of Bitcoin as a mode important exchange for normal, legitimate transactions could continue operational usually. Miguel Cuneta puts his trust within the country’s central bank, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas by stating the degree of autonomy enjoyed by the establishment.

Miguel Cuneta said:

“I suppose it shouldn’t have an effect on how this trade can grow. The central bank reasonably operates severally, from everything that is occurring, because they need a giant job to do and they don’t very care regarding what’s happening on the sidelines. Moreover, the central bank is one among the most economical government agencies. So, I feel the political landscape can have a trifle impact on how bitcoin can grow within the Philippines.”

He additionally states that it’s nearly not possible for the governments and also the central banks to manage pure blockchain technology, that ensures the expansion isn’t affected. However, he mentions the likelihood of cryptocurrency laws being enforced within the Philippines before long.


The Asia Pacific nation of Philippines has one among the biggest bitcoin-driven remittal markets. Satoshi fastness Industries itself operates the country’s one among the well-known remittal platform called The corporate features a heap riding on continuing acceptance of Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies within the region as its business is heavily addicted to it. However, the uncertainty related to the new government’s policies will cause a risk to the cryptocurrency trade within the Philippines. If the government orders all cryptocurrency platforms to be stop working tomorrow.

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