Comcast Will Develop Video Advertising Platform Using Blockchain Technology

Comcast Will Develop Video Advertising Platform Using Blockchain Technology

Advanced Advertising Group of Comcast plans to apply its Blockchain Insights Platform to make video advertising more efficient. The usage of the platform, programmers and advertisers might be able to use client information to create and execute specific, focused on marketing campaigns to streaming clients. Comcast anticipates this could raise modern revenue streams and open up new ones for blockchain contributors.


Comcast Cable President of advertising, Marcient Jenckes, said:

“TV advertising is an effective and efficient manner for marketers and their organizations to reach a huge target audience, but nowadays the way advertisers use insights to plan, purchase and deliver advertising and marketing is restricted. This new technological method could make information-driven video advertising more effective and client information safer. We’ll work with the contributors in this initiative to improve advert planning, addressable focused on, execution and measurement, to create even more value for the TV advertising business.”

Such marketing could increase client privacy questions if undertaken with a conventional technological approach, but Comcast notes that the inherent protection of blockchain permits contributors to ask questions of one another’s marketing information without being capable of access it. Therefore, blockchain members keep managing client information and privacy settings on their personal systems.

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Comcast plans to leverage its current advertising relationships with Disney, Channel 4, Cox Communications, and some other to create and implement this technology. Those partnerships, together with Comcast’s tremendous marketplace proportion, could cause advertising and marketing based on blockchain technology becoming general practice within the video streaming business.

According to Morgan Stanley, blockchain stays in a proof of concept level, organizations are more and more turning to blockchain to raise efficiency and protection. Telecommunications behemoth AT&T obtained a patent to construct a decentralized and disbursed home subscriber server device powered by Bitcoin. Walmart submitted a patent software for a system based on blockchain technology that could track delivery drone shipments, in addition to a blockchain-based platform trial designed to control food safety.

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