Coinsource Modernizes Bitcoin ATM Network

Coinsource Modernizes Bitcoin ATM Network

Coinsource is one of the biggest Bitcoin ATM network in the world. Coinsource recently has installed four new Bitcoin ATMs, one of them was installed in Las Vegas, one in Staten Island, and two in Philadelphia and because of that has become the largest Bitcoin ATM operator in the United States, and the most geographically diversified. The Dallas Bitcoin ATM network installed Bitcoin ATMs in New York, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, so its amount of Bitcoin ATM machines raised to 42 across seven states.

Sheffield Clark, CEO of Coinsource, said:

“We are very proud to be one of the best Bitcoin ATM network in America, but it is our customers and the cryptocurrency development that deserve the credit. Bitcoin has established to be one amongst the world’s highest performing investments. As Bitcoin becomes even easier to use and is accepted as payment and more venues, the list of users has raised exponentially. From the start, our team wanted to resolve the access problem for Bitcoin. Today, a lot of customers across the United States will find reliable, safe, instant access to a compliant Coinsource Bitcoin ATM nearby.”


The industry provider GenesisCoin produces the Bitcoin ATMs used in Coinsource network. The Bitcoin ATMs offer fees from 8% and lower for larger purchases. The four new of them were installed in high foot traffic areas and easy access locations with long operating hours of the stores in which they are located. The Coinsource now reach 11% of the American Bitcoin ATM market. Moreover, this firm is fully licensed and compliant with state and national regulatory policy, which inspires confidence and a desire to work with them. Furthermore, the company is executing two-way kiosks all over the country because of affirmative feedback and huge demand for two-way Bitcoin ATMs.

Sheffield Clark noted:

“Given the recent trend of individuals buying and selling bitcoin, instead of simply buying it, we are beginning to consistently upgrade several of our machines into two-way kiosks. Our customers will use bitcoin to buy discounted everyday product on-line and may use the same kiosks to acquire fiat currency instantly for face-to-face transactions at close merchants. We’re pleased with the response to our two-way Bitcoin ATMs in each town we’ve installed them in, and with the raised performance of cryptocurrencies in the digital age, their viability and quality show no signs of slowing down.”

With more usage methods for bitcoin today, Coinsource understands that more people will want to get involved with the digital currency, and the only way to do that is to ensure that new and existing bitcoin users have access to a bitcoin ATM.

There are now 718 bitcoin ATMs around the world, however, the U.S. has the vast majority with 369. More Bitcoin ATM’s being launched across the U.S. should increase buying and selling across the country and further expand the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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