BitPay Adds Amazon Gift Cards to the Bitcoin Wallet

BitPay Adds Amazon Gift Cards to the Bitcoin Wallet

In recent days, the former top Amazon executive launched a new Bitcoin wallet. Gene Kavner, a former Worldwide Director of the biggest affiliate program in the world, Amazon Associates, created iPayYou application. iPayYou is the Bitcoin wallet that allows its users to cancel money transfer.


In late June the licensed payment organization situated in Czech Republic, Worldcore, allowed bitcoin as method of payments because of the cooperation with BitPay Company. The BitPay is the cryptocurrency banking company, which suggests its consumers to use the Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency to refill their accounts and debit cards.

BitPay has announced the new Copay wallet function, which allow using Bitcoin for buying Amazon Gift Cards in this application. Therefore, now the customers of the Copay Bitcoin wallet have a chance to purchase all the all products on Amazon and several of its related web sites.

With the help of this new upgrade of Copay Bitoin wallets, its clients can buy the Amazon gift cards for the accurate dollar price they need for buying, beginning at $1 and growing in penny up to $500. The special codes that reflect the value are stored on the Copay application, but they cannot be backed up with the Bitcoin wallet backups, which make them more corresponding for a direct purchase than for long-term holding.

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