Bitcoin Sportsbook Starts Euro 2016 With Bumper Bets

Bitcoin Sportsbook Starts Euro 2016 With Bumper Bets enjoys a strong start to the currency in 2016, the main card game event after the World Cup 2014. BOOKMAKER Bitcoin already two thirty-BTC as prizes and two exclusive tickets for the championship final ECU distributed in Paris.


In June 27 the Bitcoin operator bookmaker enjoys a strong start to the currency in 2016 after its introduction at the beginning of the Gregorian calendar month. The month-long tournament is the biggest card game event after the World Cup in 2014 and therefore only the operator Bitcoin seen average daily holdings of shares by more than 2 cents increase the primary tournament in the last two weeks.

Bitcoin among professional players is to assist in the first country, the Euro widespread Bitcoin makes prices thirty-seventh France. followed by the European country with the twenty-third, and the European countries with the terrorist organization. More than half of all bets on the back through the mobile channel, with the forty-fifth on smartphones and tablet devices to seven. Additionally, users were quickly rewarded for his loyalty has two thirty-six, 000 MFR distributed about € 22,000 in prizes through drawings in addition to pre-register, as the daily draws. One lucky member has 2 tickets for the ECU Cup final, which takes place in Paris, as well as flights and accommodation after the draw on YouTube channel.

Four customers additional rewards combined tickets for the semi-finals of the tournament – only to end up in the four and prime leader of the winning bids. Points were awarded to the player who held their stage Cluster winning bet every hundred MTFR a profit user hundred points to their total score.

The more back to the entire unit of currency in 2016, to another call to award rankings got wind productive professional players for the playoffs progressed. Other stocks of can after the end of the tournament to continue with the likes of competitions and giveaways, built for all major sporting events. initiator Joe Jordan said:

“Our goal is a good chance to deliver, and action. As compelling our competition to win tickets for the Euro2016 finals, semi-finals and free Bitcoins action of the European Championship this summer has been very interesting and there are many many return, each in box, and “. can his players with a sharp-minded influential person of the program to provide opportunities for the private hostess and 24/7 live chat all take their bets wants. It will boast more than 350,000 pre-match events RA, with a peak of 70,000 events during prime months. is also an extensive concert many markets “in the game”, obtained at major sporting events are.

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