Bitcoin Reached $2000 On Bitfinex

Bitcoin Reached $2000 On Bitfinex

Bitcoin price has already reached the new all-time high at $2,000 on several cryptocurrency exchanges as momentum gains amongst traders. Information from Bitfinex indicates Bitcoin price of over $2,000 traded for one coin on Friday. Liquidity versions suggest that a few exchanges have exchanged Bitcoin above $2,000. However, Bitfinex is main the organization of mainstream resources crossing the boundary.

The Bitcoin price stagnation within the $1,800 range had led commentators to indicate a run higher was much less probably, even as others noted that bubble-kind behavior had already set in and that a correction downwards might quickly come. Therefore, this has not happened, with expenses this week making up the last $200 to see price of Bitcoin nearly twice, what it was this time last month.


However, BTC China Chief Executive Officer, Bobby Lee, are now turning his interest to the possible subsequent main Bitcoin’s price point at $10,000.

Bobby Lee posted in Twitter on May 19:

“My number of @Twitter followers has just reached 10K! Most importantly, this also means that my #Bitcoin #PriceTarget is now USD $10,000!”

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