Bitcoin Is Real but Is Divided on Price

Bitcoin Is Real but Is Divided on Price

Chief financial officers in the world appear to mistrust bitcoin. CNBC obtained forty three responses from their international chief financial officer Council to a survey about their views bitcoin, with twenty of these respondents stating that it was real but in a bubble, and a similarly six saying it was real and nevertheless going higher.


Another twelve respondents stated they trust bitcoin is a fraud, with the rest responding that they do not realize enough about the digital currency to mention anything. More chief financial officers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa assume bitcoin is in a bubble than within the United States or the Asia-Pacific areas, in line with the survey. In addition, more chief financial officers within the former regions replied with the fraud moniker.

Almost twenty-one percent of United States chief financial officers suppose bitcoin is in a bubble, in comparison to nearly twenty eight percent within the Asia-Pacific region. One of the chief financial officers on CNBC’s council, Solvay executive Karim Hajjar, stated he was uncertain about bitcoin.


Karim Hajjar stated:

“It’s not a currency we’re using for a multibillion dollar commercial enterprise. It’s something we’re curious about, we’re very open to, but we have not found a way to actually combine it into our commercial enterprise. Solvay would need to set up the way to promote bitcoin earlier than they would permit a client to conduct a transaction using it.”

CNBC’s results really echo a survey of institutional investors performed by Brokerage Company Triad Securities and Datatrek research published remaining week. In that survey, thirty-nine percent of respondents suppose bitcoin is in a bubble, with a similarly twenty-seven percent noting its price growth could slow down.

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