Bitcoin Conference laBITconf Comeback to Buenos Aires

Bitcoin Conference laBITconf Comeback to Buenos Aires

laBITconf, the famous Bitcoin conference, can comeback in Buenos Aires. This year, laBITconf can happen at the century-old Piazzola Tango Theater in Buenos Aires. The event can collect over sixty trade leaders together with Andreas Antonopoulos, Peter Todd, Anthony Di Iorio, Erik Voorhees, Trace Mayer, Sergio Alan Jay Lerner, IBM, Microsoft, and representatives of 5 of the most important mining firms.


A recent report titled Bitcoin Market Potential trade suggests that Argentina super the list of nations with the very best potential for bitcoin adoption notably attributable to the country’s persistently high inflation and its massive informal economy.

Rodolfo Andragnes, the organizer of the conference said:

“Since its adoption, bitcoin has flourished in Latin America, with Argentina leading the manner. Attributable to varied years of economic strife, the country became a haven for innovators to explore and develop solutions to the money troubles. Varied businesses, principally hotels, began to use bitcoin as a kind of payment and ever since then, the speed of bitcoin transactions continues to extend and therefore the attention towards its underlying blockchain technology continues to grow. We have a tendency to selected Buenos Aires because the new government is receptive understanding and promoting this technology.”

Daniel Dias, vice president of Business Development for Dash mentioned:

“The occupant market could be a fertile ground for digital currencies; the political and money scenario in some countries within the region build various money services a lot of appealing to the present market. Individuals have suffered directly from inflation, capital controls and political instability for years, thus we are chatting with an audience that’s extraordinarily receptive to the benefits digital currencies offers.”


laBITconf can tackle a number of the most popular topics in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency environment among that the implementation of distributed ledgers in world banking, digital currency regulation and compliance and the potential impact of the technology on society.

The annual laBITconf aims to inform about the most recent developments within the cryptocurrency trade. The event includes discussion, keynote speeches and networking opportunities.

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