Ask The Doctor Adds Bitcoin to Payment Options

Ask The Doctor Adds Bitcoin to Payment Options

Online medical inquiry platform accepts Bitcoin to safeguard patient privacy and makes users snug once asking health-related queries.

Ask The Doctor, a Canadian medical startup has formally proclaimed that they’re currently acceptive Bitcoin on their platform to get their services through BitPay. The most reason for this can be to extend client privacy mistreatment Bitcoin’s obscurity advantages that credit cards cannot provide.

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The company’s goal is to permit users to own a lot of confidence once asking queries that they do not want anyone else to understand or are embarrassing. The service itself lets users send inquiries to consultants and receive quick replies while not having to talk with a general practitioner.

Prakash Chand, chief executive officer of Ask The Doctor said:

“Many of our users raise extraordinarily sensitive queries from immature physiological condition to STD’s to drug use that they’re too afraid to travel to their own doctor’s workplace to induce facilitate for. On prime of that, several users don’t need their members of the family to understand. Whereas it will take some additional effort to own complete obscurity mistreatment Bitcoin, it’s actually an outsized improvement over a credit card.”

According to the corporate, they’re already accepted PayPal and credit card that lacks the privacy advantages. Additionally, they’re going to be launching the Bitcoin possibility on its mobile app later this month.

Ask The Doctor

Bitcoin itself has been thought of to be used by medical establishments then so much, Ask The Doctor is mistreatment Bitcoin’s a lot of anonymous means of paying to its advantage. However, Canadian care mistreatment Bitcoin is new, but with Ask The Doctor connection this payment possibility trend, others would possibly follow.

The North American health sector itself has begun to explore Blockchain-based technologies and Canada is already grip Bitcoin as a sort of payment. What is more, firms like Factom and Bitcoin Brands opposition. Have already introduced their ways in which of implementing Blockchain into care with databases and Bitcoin PoS terminals within the United States.


Peter Klamka, chief executive officer of Bitcoin Brands inc. stated:

“While Bitcoin isn’t anonymous, it will be fully non-public once getting something together with medical services.”

Even though Bitcoin transactions are all displayed on the Blockchain, it still offers a lot of privacy than Credit Cards or PayPal, which is able to have access to all or any medical payments through their services.

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