A Texas Man Gets 1,5 Years in Prison for Starting Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

A Texas Man Gets 1,5 Years in Prison for Starting Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

A Texas man was punished to 1.5 years in jail on Thursday for starting a bitcoin Ponzi scheme that caused in the 1st U.S. illegal securities fraud situation associated with the virtual money. Trendon Shavers, who run Bitcoin Savings and Trust, was additionally ordered by U.S. District judge Lewis Kaplan in Manhattan to lose $1.23 million and make a compensation in the same quantity for operating what the named as a classic Ponzi scheme.

Judge said:

“You defrauded harmless individuals. You did it, in the latest investigation, for private gain.”

Shavers pleaded guilty in September 2015 to one count of securities fraud. He noted that as a result of this fraud situation, he had missed his friends and confused his family. “I do not expect this is one thing I am constantly planning to get over,” he said.


Shavers, the person who went by “pirateat40” on-line, was arrested in November 2014, two months after a national judge in Texas obliged him to pay about $40.7 million during a related U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission civil lawsuit.

Prosecutors mentioned that from 2011 to 2012 Shavers earned a minimum of 764,000 bitcoins, which at the time were more than $4.5 million in bitcoin price. He run this business scheme from his house, offering bitcoin and cryptocurrencies investments over the internet. Prosecutors said Shavers asked the investments on the web site Bitcoin Forum, and assured interest tariffs of seven percent each week to depositors who allowed bitcoins to Bitcoin Savings and Trust while he was created a marketplace arbitrage plan.

All in all, while Shavers participated some part of the bitcoins with Mt. Gox, he mainly in typical Ponzi scheme used new stockholders’ bitcoins to pay back prior investors. At the top of this scheme, Shavers controlled over seven percent of bitcoins in public public circulation.

So, in total, out of a hundred investors, at least forty eight suffered losses, prosecutors said. His lawyers said the losses totaled $1.23 million. Moreover, Prosecutors mentioned that Shavers misappropriated bitcoins to buy a used BMW M5 sedan, and to have a $1,000 steakhouse banquet in Las Vegas and get an amazing trip of spas and casinos.

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